The White Dragon
by Wizard Dale

Dragon and Dreams go hand in hand
Share your dreams with a dragon if you can
Dragons will add Magic and other Wonderful Delights
Dragons will believe in your Dreams with all their might
So share your Dreams with a Dragon, start with one or two
And all of your dreams are bound to come true

Twas mystic times from whence they came
Armored scales and breath of flame
On leathered wings the sky they'd rule
A mortal's terror, a wizards tool
Now they are gone, or so it seems

But you can dream a dragon's dream
A white dragon with a dream is a wonder to be seen
With a sparkle in their eye they reach for the sky
A man without vision can a learn a thing or two
From a magical beast that many believe are not true
To believe in what we can't see or feel
Is to allow our Dreams to become real

 Wizard Dale

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