The Guardian
by Greywolf the wanderer

By the glow of a thousand candles, I took my vow,
To defend with my sword the here and now,
To stand for the realm of reality, it seems,
To carry the battle even in to my dreams.

To guard the Sylvan Elven borders,
From those that are killers, looters and hoarders,
To guard the treasures of the enchanted Faye,
A sentinel at night, a protector by day.

To counter the sons of darkness and night,
I was born unto the sons of gladness and light,
And forever my blood will protect the land,
Countless evils will fall to my hand.

So ever I watch, my sword at my side,
Always alert, toward danger I ride,
To the land I am pledged, perched high on my steed,
I'll ride fifty miles to do a good deed.

For Honor, and Glory, the Righteous, the Pure,
All manners of wickedness and pain I'll endure,
For the Elves, and the Faye, and the Land are all dear,
And my life has been pledged to protect them from fear.

For only when all of these threats
Have been silenced by death,
Will I be able to retire, and draw my last breath.

 Greywolf the Wanderer

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