Night Winds
by Greywolf the wanderer

The Night Winds came and brought the news
Armed men were coming soon
War clouds blew in from the North
Hiding the summer moon

I took word to the High Council
They sent me North to fight
A hand full of youths and a dozen Elves
Wearing their armor bright

So when the hordes of men came through
The call to arms was loud
Serving the Army of the Elven King
Made my warriors proud

And when men took and fired the wood
Killing animals, Elves, and kin
We rode forth into battle...good
Riding ancient wind

With swords drawn long we fought the foe
Till the day turned into night
With re-inforcements far behind
We lacked our greatest might

But time was bought and for awhile
The hordeling's flow was held
To give our armies time to build
Letting our forces meld

But me and mine...we took the heat
My Elven lads were brave
But the hordelings slayed them anyway
Sent their grave

Now, I stand on this lonely hill
Knowing that it doesn't bode well
As I plan to take as many men
With me...on my way to Hell

I call on the Gods of the Elven Lords
To bring me the strength I seek
To stand against these many men
Never appearing weak

And I slayed them till my sword dipped low
My exhaustion set me free
Falling to the blood soaked ground
Landing on one knee

Then I looked into their blood-lust eyes
Knowing I was never wrong
Gaze at them...and smile at them
And sing...till my strength is gone

Night Winds bring me fighting Elves
And bring them here and now
Help me slay the hordeling men
Stop them here somehow

Then cool me with your sweet caress
And take my song above
Then swiftly bear my spirit's soul
And deliver the one I love

 Greywolf the Wanderer

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