Love Potion
by Julie Prazen

Once on a dreary noon of gray
A maiden fair and mournful lay
Upon shaven plates of gold
And in her mind her life foretold
But yet her mind hath lost the key
The future lies ahead to see
What her life has yet to scorn
Till this key, her mind will mourn

Then three long years had come and gone
The silence broke, a faithful fawn
Had come to tend her lonely hand
With what is known, a golden band

The fawn stepped up with dignity
And said,"my master sent for thee"
This proposition brought to ask
For thee to do one simple task
If this is done, this man, my master
Will ride in from Alabaster
And take your hand into his palm
Proceed to ask you quiet and calm
To take into your heart no wrong
And love him with your heart grown strong
As his lonely heart has longed for few
His heart has only longed for you

With this a tear rolled down her cheek
Relieved and all no longer bleak
Proceeded to ponder this simple task
She said,"of what all does it ask"

A potion blue filled to the brink
Of a cup, request you drink
Every day at twelve o'clock
At midnight on your golden rock
Do this; your love will ride on in
Do not mix the potion thin
For the potions controlled by your love so stout
And you want the potion to run out
You won't know when, unless a dove
Swears you're not as faithful as your love
If this should happen, fear it not
It would change your lovely plot
And he'd ride away, his heart so torn
And you'd be left to solemnly mourn

With this he pulled a paper from his pouch
A contract, a promise, she began to crouch
Over her rock to sign onto the page
Her name and her promise to now be engaged

The next day a man all quite dignified
Came galloping in, so stern did he ride
Five years after that, every night she would drink
That bittersweet potion filled right to the brink
Night after night she came tired and worn
Of drinking that liquid straight through till the morn
One night she pleaded, "my loved one, my only,
I love you untouched but my heart grows so lonely
I think of the potion, which is all my love is
It is false, undecided, and too much to give
I now beg you, this potion, please give me release
Or you'll wake in the morn with your fair wife deceased
"Fear not" the man said with a hint of a chuckle
"Your contract is gone, deceased, and unbuckled
You see my fair maiden, so sweet and so meek
You've been drinking water since as of last week
'Twas blue water love, colored with silt
And hints of lemon, sugar, and milk
Your love is so true, truer than you know
So, sleeping or not our passions will flow
Unto the heavens, to the ends of the earth
Just so I'll know what your love is worth

With a hint of a smile and a spark in her eye
She began to laugh, then started to cry
I love you, she said, I do, it is true
Now I'm prepared to share my life with you

 Julie Prazen

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