The Creation

By Morion

It was a time when the elements ruled
Fire, Earth, Water and Air

They did all the work
They created the world

Only stars were to be seen
There was no sun, there was no moon

Eons went by and new stars were lighted
Shining down to the World

One of the stars, the brightest of all,
came so very close

It's beams came down and touched the Earth
The World took a breath more deep than ever before

High mountains were built and oceans dug deep
Woods grew wide and deserts dry

But still no creature or being there lived

Air gave life to the Fire
Fire gave birth to the World

When Earth was on fire,
the rain cooled it down

Slowly things became quiet
Quiet and still

Thousands of eons passed by

Land gave life to all kinds of creatures
Creatures so ancient that man now has forgot

They lived and they ruled
Mighty and Wise

They ruled with magic and faith
Mystical beings surrounded by light

Crystals were formed
the brightest and clear

The black was the strongest
and hardest to rule

The red was the brightest,
it had the color of life

The White was the fairest
and was easy to love

But evil came into the world
Creeping and crawling

Using Black Magic and death
Many did fight, even more did fall

The crystals were hidden,
by mighty old men

Eons passed by and the World grew old
New creatures passed by and some of them stayed

Man loved the world and called it a home
But few remembered the Ancient and what magic to use

But evil did not forget and waited and lurked
Deep inside mountains and high in the sky

Waited for blood
Waited for Man
Awaited the right time for the return

The time did come,
but the crystals were found

First came the white and man loved it dear
It brought back the magic but also the fear

Fear of the Dark
Fear of the Evil

Then came the red and man called it blood
Red as the blood of the beloved ones

Man remembered the black
Black as the night but shining with light
a crystal so mighty that man did tremble inside

A lady so fair did search for the Black
The heart of the woman was pure
So she found the Crystal and gave it a name

The Evil felt the power of magic
that only the darkest of crystals could bring

The Evil was shaken and even scared
Now was the time for the evil to fear

To fear the Crystal that was ruled by the pure
White magic was back to light up the World

Morion 1998


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