Music to Soothe the Lady Morion

It was a beautiful spring morning. The birds sang their songs while they sat amongst the fresh green leaves. The lovely Lady Morion found herself walking alone as the sun slowly rose higher into the clear blue sky. The sight was breathtaking! Her soft soled shoes had become wet from brushing against dew moistened grass. On such a perfect morning, she should have been happy...but not so this morning. She was filled with a bitter sadness that enveloped her entire being. It was a kind of sadness most foreign to her - one she couldn't drive out of her heart. There was no need for this sorrow to fill her for all was well.

She continued to walk slowly until she came to a pathway, which led into a thick forest. As if under a spell, she immediately followed the path and moments later was surrounded by tall trees. The sun managed to find occasional gaps between the treetops and she would allow the warmth to rest upon her beautiful face and body. Still, the sensation could not still the raging river of gloom that engulfed her.

She continued to walk through the thick woods until finally overcome by the grief within her, she fell to the grassy path and began sobbing. She leaned against a tall tree, putting her face in her hands. It felt to her as if the suffering within her was growing with each passing moment and she wondered if she'd be able to go on. Suddenly, a wondrous sound began to fill the forest all around her - Music! Beautiful Music! She leapt to her feet, afraid at first, realizing that the appearance of the melody meant she wasn't alone.

Her view shifted slowly until she felt she knew which direction it was coming from. A puzzling feeling engulfed her, as the melody grew stronger. She found she was being drawn toward it, as if she no longer possessed her own will. She found that, with each step taken, the despair within her seemed to weaken. It felt as if she were dreaming as her last few steps led her to a small clearing. The music was now flowing freely throughout the trees and her heart. Suddenly, she found the source of the extraordinary resonance. Seated beneath a tree was a young man holding an unrecognized stringed instrument.

The incredible song continued to flow as their eyes met. Suddenly, a deep shadow appeared to leave her and float above the treetops. An evil voice echoed throughout the treetops and the darkness disappeared after calling our bitter curses to the bard who rose to his feet. Smiling, he turned to Lady Morion who was overcome with joy now that the shadow was no longer within her...

"Not all your knights ride upon steeds and fight with swords, M'lady. But we all serve you equally." Moments later, he vanished before her eyes. "I will always be nearby when I am needed..."

 The Bard

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