Wind Walker enters the Great Hall

The trumpets blare their announcement of the Grand Lady Morion's entrance to the Hall of Acceptance. The hundreds of would-be protectors of the Lady hush... all looking to the entrance where She will appear.. As she enters the Hall, a gasp of disbelief is heard from the hoard. Whispering are heard amongst the anxious men.. "I had heard she was beautiful, but never did I expect anything so wonderful"


"My eyes have never seen such beauty"...

As the Grand Lady strides through the applicants towards the Throne of Approval, she suddenly stops. She starts looking through the crowd, as if searching for someone...

Her eyes fall on a humbly dressed old man, whose tattered clothes seemed out of place for this Great Hall...

She starts to continue on, then pauses again and turns to the man... "Do I know you, old man"? she askes. He raises his bowed head, and his bright, piercing blue eyes look directly into hers and said...

"Oh Lady Morion, I have known you throughout the ages. I once told you Your spirit feels so joyous, open and free and I told you that I expected this to happen and here you are shining, a light that will never dim again. " The Lady hesitates, as she searches her momories, all the while looking into those piercing blue eyes.

"Oh.. is it you? Is it really the Wind Walker??"

The old man straightens up and as he does so, his appearance changes, molding into the warrior he truely is. With bold steps he walks to the Lady Morion, bends on one knee and says, "Yes, M'lady, I am here for you when ever you need me. I thought perhaps a small test to see if you could truley see your true champion... Will you accept me in your service"

 Wind Walker

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