Fairies, Morion


The Fairies dance in the moonlight in the field during the light Swedish summer night. In a thin veil of mist they dance in a ring, often to the Water-Sprite's beautiful music.

When dawn arrives they are already gone. They have returned to their Fairy Realm deep in the Woods. The only sign of their dance is the "Fairy Ring" with either dry or succulent grass.

A Fairy is described as a small female being with ethereal beauty. Fairest of them all is the Fairy Queen with her tiara or crown. Fairies hate daylight and the fairy that won't make it home before dawn is transformed into a "daystander". The spell is broken the next night but human beings must be careful so they don't run into a "daystander". That can be hard, because they are invisible! If a human being comes too close she can get the "Fairy Wind", a skin disease, caused by the strong breath from the fairy. But there is cure - Pick, dry and burn a certain kind of lichen. Blow the smoke on the infected body and the skin disease disappears!

If you are a man - never take a fairy's reached out hand! She will take you to the Fairy Realm deep in the Woods. You will have a wonderful time in their realm full of beautiful trees and flowers. But... you will not notice the time passing by...

One second in the Realm of the Fairies can be many years in real life...

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