Hollow Stump, by Andrew Jameyson
"Hollow Stump" by Andrew Jameyson

The Hollow Tree
by Diane Davis

Who knows what magic lies within,
what creatures call it home-
deep inside the hollow bin
beneath a green topped dome.

What creatures call it home,
hidden far away from light?
Beneath a green topped dome
the bats awaken with the night.

Hidden far away from light,
so quietly they wait.
The bats awaken with the night.
The creatures celebrate.

So quietly they wait
until the moment is at hand.
The creatures celebrate
before embarking on the land.

Until the moment is at hand
deep inside the hollow bin,
before embarking on the land,
Who knows what magic lies within.

Diane Davis
Used with permission.

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"Hollow Stump" by Andrew Jameyson Used with permission.
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