Trolls by Morion ©

Drafur and Gildur
Text: M. Ahlman Music: M. Ahlman/T. Virkkala ©
Sorkar & Strängar

Tramp by heavy boots is heard,
singing by a dwarf is
brought by the wind to a glade,
where the insidious trolls wait

Trolls in ambush for a dwarf
soon a dwarf will have to fight
Drafur walks towards the woods
with his axe ready

The Trolls have waited long enough
sneaks forth out of the forest
Drafur listens, he stands still
hears the hoot of owls missing

Sudden howls and screams
Trolls appears everywhere
Drafur predicts: seems like it's
time to bare the blade

The first troll already has
great hopes of crushing Drafur's legs
His hopes are crushed as his head
is severed from the neck

The trolls are streaming out of the woods
Drafur wants to get out
The brain of a troll is small,
but now they're too many

Suddenly the there is a turn of fortune
for the trolls, giving Drafur hope
Through the bloody haze
he sees Gildur clearing the way

Lots of trolls coming forth
Drafur, Gildur, mighty dwarves
back to back against a horde
the blood of trolls on the ground

Drafur with a wolfish grin
swings his doubleheaded blade
the axe is cutting, biting well
splitting the necks of the trolls

The wrath of the dwarves is aroused
the nearest troll gets his head bashed
See, the trolls are retreating
Gildur swings, beheading trolls

There are only a few trolls left
soon the dwarves will get a rest
but with their blood still boiling in their veins
they cut down the last troll

Text: M. Ahlman Music: M. Ahlman/T. Virkkala ©

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