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The Woodnymph

Deep in the Swedish Woods lives the Woodnymph. The most beautiful of women. She looks a little different depending of where in Sweden you'll meet her. Here I will tell you the most common story.

In Sweden she has many names; Huldra, Skogsrå, Skogsfru and many more. The name "Skogsrå" means that she is the caretaker of the woods, and the wild animals is her cattle.

A Woodnymph help them that treat her well. For a hunter it is very important to keep in with the Nymph for successful hunting. He can for example let her have something from his package of food. Then he maybe he will get permission to kill her cattle. If he is REAL lucky - the Woodnymph might even lead the cattle in his way!

Stories has been told about hunters and charcoal-burners that have lost their soul to the devil when they have met the Woodnymph and was fooled into love or allured deep into the forest.

The Woodnymph can distort vision for humans, and change shape from the most exquisitely beautiful woman to the most repulsive creature. Look closely and you will see that her back is a rotten stub and that she has a tail! As a matter of fact the Woodnymph is ashamed of her tail - By grabbing the tail and hold on to it you might be able to keep her away and save your soul! But be careful, it is dangerous, a Woodnymph is very revengeful and will most definitely come back when you fall asleep.

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