Disa and Cicero's babies 2004

February 21 & 22 2004 Disa and Cicero mated. I wanted to have some babies again. This time I decided not to keep as many as 18 like I did 2002. I am quite busy and I really want to have time to enjoy every baby so I only kept 8 eggs. The first egg started to hatch May 22nd after 69 days in the incubator.

Unfortunately two babies didn't hatch and when I opened the eggs the babies were dead. They were fully developed, but something must have gone wrong. Sad, but I guess it is nature's way to say that something was wrong with these two babies. The remaining six babies are very healthy and grow fast. :)

I marked them with non-toxic paint just to be able to tell them apart from the beginning.

Babies. Photo  Gunilla
The six babies, 3 weeks old.

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