Take care of the eggs

Eggs, Photo  Gunilla 2002

Take care of the eggs

Don't forget to have some kind of cover over the water in the incubator. The babies will easily drown if they fall into the water! They climb very well even as hatchlings - so be very careful!

When the eggs are laid, carefully dig them up and put them in the vermiculite. Don't turn the eggs - just put them in the vermiculite as they were laid. Make small "holes" in the vermiculite and put the egg there. About half the egg shall be above the surface. Don't put them too close together - they get bigger as they develop.

If some eggs are stuck together - leave them that way - you might destroy them if you try to separate them. Just put them together in the vermiculite.

Check the eggs daily to see if the vermiculite needs moistening, if so - spray with water between the eggs - not directly at them. If the eggs collapse - the vermiculite is probably too dry - so add a little more water.

If some egg gets bad or look "funny" - remove it. It can destroy the other eggs - fast!

A good idea is to mark the "up" at the eggs with a non-toxic soft pen. IF you accidentally drop the eggs later - it is a relief to know what side was "up". You shall NOT turn the eggs when they are put in the incubator. It can kill the embryos.

Usually it takes 55-90 days for the eggs to hatch. Disa's eggs took 75 days at around 80.6 F. (27-28 degrees Celcius)

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