The eggs

The Incubator, Photo © Gunilla 2002

The Incubator
My homemade - it worked well.

The eggs in the incubator, Photo © Gunilla 2002

The first clutch in the incubator

Äggen - alla 19, Foto © Gunilla 2002

The eggs
It was 19 eggs in the first clutch. Disa laid 20, but one was bad.
Later egg #1 gone bad too. That's all.

Genomlysning av ägg, Foto © Gunilla 2002

One week old egg. If you look closely you can see veins!

Äggen - alla 44, Foto © Gunilla 2002

The eggs
First and second clutch - 44 eggs.
It is 3 weeks between the clutches. You can see the difference in size.

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