Water is very important, if they don't get enough they can get dehydrated and that is dangerous.

Neither Cicero, Disa, Olga nor Teo drinks water from a bowl in their cages. This obviously makes things a bit more difficult. A bearded dragon doesn't drink much - but it is still very important that they get enough fluid, especially during the winter when usually the indoor air is dryer than in the summer months. I check if my beardies are thirsty every second/third day.

In the beginning I misted Teo with water and she drank if I sprayed at the tip of her nose.

Teo is offered water. Photo Gunilla
Teo is offered water (she's quite uninterested at this pic!)

These days I fill a syringe (without the needle!) with water and put a drop of water at the tip of my dragons' mouth or in the corner of their mouth. If they are thirsty, they drink. But be patient - it sometimes takes 10 minutes before they start to drink after I have put the first drop at their nose. If you don't like this method you can try to bathe your dragon, some dragons drink when they bathe. Sometimes my dragons do that too.

Mist your beardie daily with water - it is good for the skin, the humidity in the cage etc.

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