It is good to bathe your dragon sometimes, it keeps their skin and body hydrated and if they have problems pooping it is also usually helps them with that.

When you bathe your dragons, use a container with quite low sides. They feel safer if they can see "what's going on" outside their bathtub. Put something in the bottom, like a washcloth or something, so they don't slip. They need to feel safe. Make sure the water isn't too hot or too cold. The temp of the water shall feel normal to you, (98-99 degrees F - like the inside of your wrist). If it feels warm to you, it is too hot to them. The water shouldn't be deeper than up to their spikes at the side.

Never leave a dragon alone when it is in the bath. It can panic and an accident can happen.

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Hates bathing?
I have heard/read that most beardies love to bathe. Well, hm... Not all of them. Teo hates it. She panics no matter how careful I am when I put her in the water. She starts to hyperventilate, she struggles for her life and scratches me. I soon realized that does more harms than good to force her than not to bathe her at all. So… what to do?

Different method
Teo still need to have a soak every now and then... So I tried a different method. I take her in my hand and hold her under running water in the bathroom sink. She totally loved it! She gets completely relaxed; close her eyes and really enjoys it. She loves it even more if I gently "scrub" her carefully with a soft toothbrush. I usually do this every second day or so.

Teo is taking a shower. Gunilla ©

Cicero, Olga and Disa tolerate (they don't love bathing either) bathing but occasionally I give them a shower in the sink as well. They like it too. Cicero, Olga and Disa usually poops (Teo never does) during the "shower" too. I see it coming and I just part my hands and it just washes away down in the drain. Of course I clean the sink very carefully after the "shower".

(My mother thought I should remove the part about "Cicero pooping in the bathroom sink"... She thought it was disgusting... Hm, well, maybe some people find it disgusting - but if your beardie has difficulty pooping and hates to bathe - it is a VERY good way to solve the problem. So I thought I add this part anyway..! Why leave out the "not so pleasant" parts..?! ;-)

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