Running loose in my apartment

I let Teo, Disa, Olga and Cicero out in my apartment a couple of times every week so they get exercise and stimulation. Just remember that a dragon is a reptile - and you can't let your dragon stay out of its cage for too long. It will get cold and dragons need warmth. Also be very careful with drafts and other possible dangers. I know of a dragon that fell off the coffee table and broke his leg - so please be careful! At computer

Be careful
If you carry your dragon around the house - be careful - a beardie doesn't always "hold on" when they sit on your shoulder. They can also fall down from the sofa or a table and brake the tail or a leg - so always keep an eye on your dragon. It is not like having a cat running around. Always remember that.

Curious lizards
My beardies enjoy lying on my computer monitor when I am at my computer. But - put a towel under your dragon first. Because yes, they have all pooped there as well. Beardies are very curious and want to climb, investigate - and taste - everything. So make sure you don't have any poisonous plants etc in your home.

Curious Disa. Photo Gunilla
Curious - Disa climbed up in the bookshelf herself.

Teo also enjoys sitting on a thick towel (for the draft) at the windowsill looking out. The first time she sat there she stayed for 1 1/2 hour, looking at cars, bikes, pedestrians etc. It was so cute! Just make sure it won't get too cold or too hot, and never leave them alone when they are outside the cage.

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