Outside During summer, when it is nice and warm outside (at least around 78 F) try to give your dragon some "real sun" if possible. UVB-ramps are good - but not as good as the real sun. Just make sure it is warm enough and no cold wind. My dad has built an "outdoor cage" for my dragons, I either use that one or a reptarium that I bought.

Very hot and sunny
If it is very hot and sunny I put the cage in "half-shadow" under a tree or a bush. Make sure there always is some shadow to hide in for your lizard - they must always have a choise. A beardie can VERY easily overheat and die if it gets too hot. It shall never be hotter than their basking spot in their terrarium (around 104 F). Never ever put your lizard outside in the sun in a glass cage! It won't take long until it overheats and die.

Don't leave them alone
Never leave your dragon alone outside for a long time. In the beginning Teo wasn't used to be outdoors and was very tense. She didn't move when it got too hot. I had to move her... So keep watch. You also have to make sure they don't overheat.

At my balcony. Photo Gunilla
The cage out on my balcony. As you see Cicero (to the right) is scared.
So I don't have him outside anymore. I don't want to stress him.

Outside in the reptarium. Photo Gunilla
Teo on vacation in her reptarium. August 2002.

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