Shedding When Teo was young she shed very often because she was growing so fast. As an adult she sheds maybe once or twice a year. Before I got Teo I thought that lizards shed "everything at once" - like snakes. This is not the case. At least not with adult dragons. It is a leg here, an arm there, the head now and the tail later - or something like that. No particular order. But off it goes - and it is itching. I have noticed that she likes it when I "scratch" her very carefully where she is shedding. If you "scratch" your dragon when it is shedding - be very careful so you don't harm the new skin underneath.

Baths also helps your dragon to shed.

The hardest spot for Teo to get rid of the old skin seems to be inside the nose and the ears! (I had absolutely no idea that lizards shed inside their ear and nose... But of course they do. They need new skin there as well when they are shedding!)

Disa will shed soon. Photo Gunilla
Disa will shed soon, that is why she has
a grayish area at her back She also has a
"noseplug" (she is shedding inside the nose...)

At least all of my dragons get very annoyed when they are shedding inside the ears and nose. They act like a little rotary cultivator in their terrariums. I try to help them (carefully!) and when the skin is "ready" it comes off - easily. If the old skin doesn't come off very easy - wait!!! If an old piece of skin is stuck, it helps to put a little baby oil on it, to soften it up. Baths also softens the old skin and helps the shedding.

Before the skin actually starts to come off it gets a grayish "weird" look. That is water under the skin that helps the old one comes off.

When they shed, keep an eye of the tip of the tail and the toes, if a piece of skin gets stuck there it can cut off the blood and the toe can actually fall off.

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