Think before you buy

Unfortunately I have heard too many stories about people that gets a lizard without any idea about what they're getting themselves into. You need to read at least one good book and also make a lot of research before you buy your lizard. A reptile needs special care. I get too many questions that are asked far too late. For both you and your lizards sake - get the information you need before you get the dragon.

If you are a parent and buy a lizard for your child - make sure you - the adult - are willing to take the main responsibility. If you - the adult - don't want to do that - get another pet that are easier to care for. Lizards are wonderful pets, but they are not like cats, dogs, guinea pig or rabbits. Reptiles require special equipment, and different care, if you can't provide that - the reptile dies.

I actually thought about this decision for two years before I bought Teo. So I was sure that I was willing to take this responsibility. First I checked what kind of lizard that was best for me. I was thinking of a Green Iguana in the beginning. But the more I learnt about Iguanas made me realize that it wasn't the right lizard for me. They grows too big, I don't have room for such a big cage that the Green Iguana requires. I decided to buy a bearded dragon instead and I haven't regretted that for one second.

If you buy your lizard from a petstore - do not rely completely on the pet store's information. They might not know that much... Unfortunately I have heard too many horror stories about "what pet stores tell you" and I have experienced a few myself... Sad - it shouldn't have to be that way, but it is better to be safe than sorry. Learn as much as you can yourself from books, other bearded dragons' owners and join a "reptile club" if there is one close to you. To meet people with the same interests is both fun and educating.

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