A lizard has feelings

Teo is an emotional beardie. She can be happy, alert and jumpy. She can be tired, lazy and affectionate. And she can be cranky and upset. Especially when I have "forced" her to do something she didn't want to do (have a bath or taking vitamins for example). Then she doesn't want to be near me, fights to get free and then run away to hide herself in a corner or under the sofa. Then I leave her alone. You need to respect when they don't want to be handled.

Cicero isn't as emotional. He doesn't have as much temper as Teo but he gets a little nervous when I pick him up - he seems to think that I will drop him all the time (which I never have). But if I make sure I hold my hands under his feet and belly or put him close to my body he calms down immediately.

Disa is the one with most temper. She is always very dramatic about everything. Everything is a big drama with her.

Olga is quite mellow. She doesn't move much but when she doesn't want to do something - she makes it very clear that she is *not* going to do it..!

It is interesting - all my dragons are so different. All of them have completely different characters. Just remember that bearded dragons are reptiles and their reactions are not like cats or dogs. Even if it looks that way sometimes… Sometimes we read in our own human feelings and reactions into a reptiles behavior, which isn't necessary correct.

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