Unfortunately it is both boring and tiring to clean a terrarium. The lizards spend almost all their time in this limited area so it is necessary to clean it often. There are no shortcuts. The only thing you can do is to have things in the terrarium that are easy to clean.

Every day I remove poop and old vegetables. It is very important to remove the poop as soon as possible since it is a source of bacteria. Once a week I clean more carefully (remove all the branches etc, and scrub everything in hot water).

At least every third week I do "the big cleaning". I remove all the cage furniture in the terrarium and disinfect it. I use something called "Virkon". I am sorry, but I am not familiar with "disinfecting stuff" in other countries so you have to find something where you live.

When the terrarium is empty I clean it very carefully with Virkon and rinse it afterwards - that is VERY important. You don't want your dragons to get intoxicated...

I have got used to the cleaning and it has become a routine. It has to be a routine if you own a reptile. It is so important - so never neglect that.

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