Decorate the cement and then varnish

Cage, built in plywood, Photo  Gunilla
Decorate the cement
I decorated the cement with water based acrylic paint (found at a craft store) to get different
coloration of the rock wall. Unfortunately the shades disappeared when I later varnished since I put
peat moss in the varnish to reduce the glossiness. But you don't have to make the same mistake..! ;)

Cage, built in plywood, Photo  Gunilla
I paint contrasts

Cage, built in plywood, Photo  Gunilla
Done with painting

Cage, built in plywood, Photo  Gunilla
Be very cautious about sealant...there are sealant that contain anti-fungi stuff... Don't use that
in your reptiles' cage. Make sure you get a non-toxic, water-based poly-acrylic finish. Ask at the store.

To reduce the glossy surface of the finish I mixed unfertilized peat moss in the varnish. But...
I didn't realize that the peat moss colored everything dark brown..! It looks nice (but not as
I expected!) - but if you don't want the background dark brown, rinse the peat moss first, then dry
it. Or use sawdust, fine sand or something else to mix in the varnish to make the surface less
glossy. You need something since the surface will be slippery for the lizards to walk on otherwise.

Cage, built in plywood, Photo  Gunilla

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