In memory of Hexxen

It is so sad... My little beardie baby Hexxen born July 20th 2001, died the 12th of October 2001.

Hexxen had been kind of "depressed" for some time, Hexxen. Click on the image for a larger version she didn't want to eat and the only thing that seemed to cheer her up was to look at the big dragons when they were out in the room. So I thought that Hexxen could sit with the adults for a little while at my computer. I was so close - watching them all the time. But... Everything happened so quickly. Hexxen took a leap and wham - Cicero bit. He crushed her little head. I had to force his mouth open before he let go. Then Hexxen was dead, crawled up like she was sleeping in my hand. I just screamed. It was so horrible. The only comfort I feel is that everything happened so fast. Hexxen. Click on the image for a larger version Hexxen didn't suffer and she probably didn't understand what happened. But I will never forgive myself. She was such a sweetie, innocent and wonderful. The cutest little beardie you can imagine. She wasn't even three months old...

I am not at all angry with Cicero - he doesn't understand what he did. He saw her as food and took the chance. But - he was afraid of me for a while because I screamed so terrible when it happened. Now I have buried Hexxen under my parents' apple tree in a little wooden-box when she is resting on a piece of velvet. It is so sad... She didn't deserve this.

Hexxen. Click on the image for a larger version To make her death a little less meaningless I decided to tell this at the Internet. It is hard to write about it and to admit my own incredible stupidity - but if I can prevent ONE SINGE accident like this it is worth it. No one else should be as stupid as I was... Learn from my mistake so that Hexxen didn't die in vain.

Never EVER have a baby beardie together with adults. Not even for a second. Not for taking a cute picture. I did that. I placed Hexxen on top of the adults to take pictures. Now I realize that I took an enormous risk. It won't take a second for a beardie to snap. There is no chance in the world that you can prevent that. I thought I'd have the time. I didn't. And Hexxen had to pay with her life for my stupidity. Don't make the same mistake - you'll have to live with it for the rest of your life and your baby is gone...

Please don't let Hexxens' death be in vain...


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