Images of my dragons

I bought my first dragon - Teo - in February 2001. She was then about 2 months old. Then I got my second dragon, Cicero, as an adult in august 2001.

In April 2002 Disa moved in and in September 2002 Disa & Cicero's first clutch of babies hatched. I kept one of them - Olga, a female that unfortunately has problems with her joints.

In May 2004 Disa and Cicero had babies again. I only hatched 6 eggs this time and from those babies I kept Troll, a sweet little female. In October 2005 I got a phone call from a man that bought Mira, one of the babies from the first clutch. He couldn't keep his lizards and asked me if I wanted to have Mira back. Of course I did..! :)

March 2009 I sold Olga and Troll. I miss them, but they are doing fine at their new home.

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