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Klubben, Stockholm
20 September 1999

A review by me, Gunilla R. /aka Morion

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Fish has been my favorite singer since the early 80's. Even though he's played in Sweden several times, I've never been able to see him perform live. This was the year I finally got the opportunity to see him. Since I don't live in Stockholm, I stayed with a friend who does, and we attended the concert together. She really wasn't a fan of Fish before the concert, since she hadn't heard much of his music. But this was one concert she didn't regret attending. A new fan was born! The gig took place at Klubben, quite a new place in Fryshuset. Klubben is quite small, which allows you to get close to the band on stage. It's this closeness that makes for a great atmosphere!


Just after 8:15 PM, John Wesley entered the stage. It's a difficult assignment for a solo act armed with only his guitar to warm up the crowd. But for Wes, that was no problem at all, he did a wonderful job. Around 9, shortly after John Wesley finished, Fish and the band came on stage. They opened with Faith Healer, during which Fish reached out and touched the audience closest to the stage. Personally I enjoyed "Plague Of Ghosts" and "The Company". I just love to see them live.

While performing "The Company" Fish danced with Elizabeth his background singer. You could see their joy and excitement! It was great to see they were enjoying themselves as much as the audience. One of many highlights was Fish trying to speak a bit of Swedish, by reading from a bottle of water he was drinking. To tell the truth, I didn't understand much of it. I'm not even sure it WAS Swedish, Hahaha. But it was all in good fun! It's obvious he has an outstanding sense of humor. Fish with his charisma and Scottish dialect has a great way to interact with the crowd!


After about two hours the show was over, leaving you with the feeling it was much too soon. But this was one of the best gigs I've ever seen! I won't miss his next visit to Sweden that's for sure!

Gunilla 1999

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