Fish and his music has "done" more for me than any other artist. I have liked his music for so long. His lyrics has touched something inside of me. They are special. My older cousin introduced me to Marillion in the early 80's. Fish was their lead singer. Fish left Marillion 1988 and I realised that it was Fish that I liked so I have followed him since then... He has made some wonderful music and I just love the lyrics. The more I listen the more I like it. It wasn't easy to understand the lyrics when I was younger - and I am not sure I still understand everything! ;-)

Listening to the lyrics and my urge to understand everything - made me look every word up in a dictionary and learn more English! I even read the old saga Beowulf because Marillion's song "Grendl" is about it. That didn't hurt - I found out that it was a great saga!


Klubben, Stockholm
17 May, 2001

A review by me, Gunilla /aka Morion

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Just one day before I left my hometown for Stockholm to see Fish my pre ordered CD "Fellini Days" arrived. Hurrah! But - I had a "problem". Of course I wanted to listen to it before the concert but I didn't have time! Arrgh. Well. I tried my Walkman. Broken. I called several friends and asked them if they had SOMETHING that I could use to listen to the CD on the bus to Stockholm. No one could help me. Finally a friend at work told me that her son had a Walkman I could borrow. *Whew* I recorded the CD on tape and off I went. I had a great bus ride listening to Fellini Days. It is a wonderful CD with a lot of depth and beautiful tracks. In some way I think it is different from Fish earlier Cd's. I can't put my finger on what it is but it is - different. And I love it.


This is the second time I see Fish at Klubben in Stockholm. I saw him 1999 and I had to come back for more.
Fish entered the stage around 9 PM and started with the slow song "3D" from his new album. A great song. Then came "So Fellini". I am glad that I had the opportunity to listen to the songs before the gig. I like to "get a feel" of the songs (and the lyrics) before a concert. To me it gets a "depth" to the songs when I hear them live. Not many people knew the lyrics - except the guy standing behind me - he sometimes sang louder than Fish into my ear! ;-)

Then came the older songs "Brother 52" and "Tumbledown". And of course, a lot of talking between the songs. This is one of the things I like about Fish - he has such a presence on stage. He talks, makes jokes and "brings everyone in". You feel that you are special and part of the gig. Not many artists manage that.


I saw the guitar player John Wesley 1999 and I loved him then - but I think he was even better this time. He is a marvellous guitar player. And the way he and Fish act together are priceless. So - the gig wasn't just great - it was funny too. :-) The audience shared some Whiskey and cigarettes with Fish and he gave of himself. It couldn't have been better! It was a long, hot concert and several songs from the new album were played. The only song that I missed was "Dancing in Fog" my personal favourite from "Fellini Days". But oh well, you can't get everything. I am not complaining! :-)

My other favourite from the album is "Clock moves sideways" came as "one of the extras". I am glad it did - it is a superb song. Fish introduced it by telling us something like "sometimes there is a moment when the time stops... you feel it and you know it. There is kind of a turning point, when you know you have the ability to change things in your life". I don't remember the exact words - but the thing is; when I listened to that that song the first time it touched something inside of me. That is how it is. I have experienced when "the time changes" and when that happens - you know. You have a choice. You can change your life or just follow the easy way. It is like time expands or stops for a while. Well - this song is SPECIAL. If I had the way with words, like Fish has, I could have written the lyrics myself - it is so true...

Fish and I

After the concert I went to the bathroom to freshen up. When I came back almost everyone was gone. (I didn't think I was gone that long! ;-) John Wesley and the rest of the band were standing there talking with some fans. Hm. I thought - why not? I stay too. I went up to John and we had a very nice talk about the gig and the new CD. After a while Fish came out, fresh from a well-deserved shower. Coming out to meet the fans is one of the things I really admire Fish for - he's way to interact with the fans. He seems to like to chat for a while. Of course I took the opportunity to prize "Fellini Days" and thank him for a wonderful gig. Things got even better when I got a hug and a kiss on the cheek from my idol! So - thank you Fish - you made my day! :-)

Gunilla 2001

Review and photos from the gig 1999

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There you can find everything that you ever wanted to know about Fish!
It is actually one of the best "artist-sites" that I have ever seen!

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