About Disa Sadly, Disa died May 24. She was 10 years old. The evening before, I just knew she didn't have much time left and I put her on my chest and just sat with her. She died a little later. I miss her terribly. She was a very special lizard lady...

Disa was a very beautiful yellow/orange female with the most beautiful black eyes and she is the mother of Olga, Mira and Troll. Disa moved in with us in April 2002 when her former owner couldn't keep her. Disa was about the same age as Teo, born in December 2000.

Disa had a hot temper, was very impatient and demanded a lot of attention. If she didn't get it her way she created a big drama - shook her head and kicked her legs. But she was still a little charmer, and I loved her for who she was.

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