About Troll Troll is the daughter of Disa and Cicero. She hatched May 22, 2004. The only female of a clutch of six babies.

Troll is a picky little lady. Growing up she had some periods where she didn't eat as much as the other babies and her growth wasn't that quick. But it is nothing wrong with her - it is just the way she is, and I love her for it.

March 2009
I met a family that wanted to take care of both Troll and Olga, so in March 2009 I sold them. It was not an easy decision to sell 'my babies'. But to take care of six lizard takes a lot of time and I knew that they should be well taken cared of in their new home. I miss them terribly and I think about them almost every day… Their presentations will remain at my 'about us page'…

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