About Teo Teo passed away April 2010... I'm heartbroken and miss her terrible... You can read more here.

Teo is a female and born in December 2000. She is my first dragon and I bought her in February 2001.

Then she was about 2 months old and so tiny. At first I thought it was a "he" but I later found out that Teo is a "she". But - well - Her name is still Teo. :-)

Teo is the wisest of all my dragons. She tells me when she is thirsty for example. Then she looks me in the eyes, licks in the air, looks at me again. She does this until I get her some water to drink. She did a similar thing when we sat at my balcony and she spotted some Naustrium flowers high up. She stretched up, licked in the air and stared at me until I lifted her up so she could eat the flowers - straight from the plant.

Teo is very special to me and no matter how many dragons I will have - she will always be #1.

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